PBO Lab MARYLIE Application Module

Don't struggle with another beamline simulation task without this valuable tool!

Introducing the new PBO Lab 2.0 MARYLIE Application Module! MARYLIE is a FORTRAN program for beam transport and tracking based on a Lie algebraic formulation of charged particle trajectory calculations. MARYLIE is useful for the design and evaluation of both linear transport systems and circulating storage rings. The program is able to compute transfer maps and trace rays through single or multiple beamline elements for the full six-dimensional phase space without the use of numerical integration or traditional matrix methods. The effects of high-order aberrations are computed as an integral part of the Lie algrebra approach. All non-linearities, including chromatic effects, through third order are included.

Professional Version Available
The Professional version includes the complete FORTRAN source code for MARYLIE so that users can create their own custom versions of PBO Lab with MARYLIE.

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