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A 2.5D particle and field simulation featuring an intuitive GUI

The Numerical Electrodynamics Laboratory (NEDlab) aids in the design of devices that utilize intense beams of charged particles interacting self-consistently with electromagnetic fields, such as electron guns, ion sources, klystrons, linacs,etc. The software includes a set of numerical solution modules that all operate on the same finite difference grid.


NEDlab features a GUI to enhance the interaction of the user with the solution process. Screen graphics are displayed repetitively at each time-step or iteration, if desired by the user. NEDlab allows the user to stop the code at any step and change the grid geometry, applied potentials, current density, or nearly any other physical quantity of interest, and continue the iteration to observe the effect of the change in "near real time." This also allows the user to investigate transient responses of the system. One example of this might be a plasma density fluctuation in a negative ion source, which could cause the space charge of the extracted beam to change, with a subsequent increase in emittance. Other examples might be the turn-on of an electromagnetic antenna, or the sudden placement of a conducting object or plasma in a wave guide, resonant cavity, or plasma switch. The user can stop the calculation at any time and start again where he/she left off in the iteration or time stepping process.

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