OASIS Module Builder

Create your own custom PBO Lab Modules without writing or compling any source code!

The Open Architecture Software Integration System (OASIS) offers users the ability to integrate their own beam optics programs into PBO Lab. The same intuitive, graphical, interactive interface familiar to PBO Lab users, is itself used to create the basic definitions of input and output for any optics code. Simple syntax structures are set up for each optics Piece, and used for the specification of how optics elements are described for a code. The user can also define new optics, command, or parameter Pieces to meet any specialized need. The display of outputs in both text and graphic formats is readily integrated into any custom Module. An OASIS developed PBO Lab Module can link with either existing executable (.exe) or library (.dll) files for program execution, eliminating the need for any new source code or compilations. The OASIS Module Builder provides a unique capability to create custom PBO Lab Modules without the need to write any new code for either the graphic interface or the underlying physics program. The PARMILA-2 Module was created with the OASIS Module Builder.

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