PBO Lab Optimization Module

Don't struggle with another beamline simulation task without this valuable tool!

The PBO Lab Optimization Module offers the ability to solve complex optimization problems that are not addressable using the standard fitting capabilities of charged particle optics codes. The Optimization Module currently works with the TRANSPORT and/or TRACE 3-D Application Modules, which can be thought of as custom optics routines or methods integrated into the optimizer. Very large optimization problems can be formulated, which can involve up to hundreds of optimizer variables, hundreds of linear and/or non-linear constraints, and very complex merit functions created using any optics code inputs and outputs. The Optimization Module requires either the PBO Lab TRACE 3-D Module, or the PBO Lab TRANSPORT Module, and optimization problems can use the optics codes separately or simultaneously.

The PBO Lab Optimization Module provides an intuitive, easy-to-use package where users do not need to possess knowledge of the detailed I/O required to run individual optimization programs. Instead, optimization problems are set up and executed graphically using intuitive GUI components. The Optimization Module features GUI components and other software elements for three optimization programs: LSSOL, NPSOL, and MINOS. LSSOL is a constrained linear least-squares and quadratic optimization program. NPSOL and MINOS are both constrained nonlinear optimization programs, but the two packages use different approaches and are applied to different types of optimization problems. Any optimization problem can be formulated for both NPSOL and MINOS to see which optimizer provides the best or fastest results. Any input parameter to an optics code can be declared as an Optimization Module variable. Any output parameters from the optics codes can be defined as store parameters. The store parameters, either together with or without the optimizer variables, are then used to formulate the nonlinear constraints and/or merit functions for NPSOL or MINOS. More than one optics code may be included in a problem, and hierarchical problems can be formulated, using the fitting/optimization capabilities of the optics codes to fit a local condition for each step undertaken by the Optimization Module. The complexities of the possible problems that can be formulated and addressed using the PBO Lab Optimization Module are truly extraordinary.

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