PBO Lab PARMILA-2 Application Module

Don't struggle with another beamline simulation task without this valuable tool!

The PBO Lab PARMILA-2 Application Module utilizes the second generation PARMILA 2 FORTRAN program for designing and simulating radiofrequency (RF) linear accelerators and transport lines. PARMILA is an acronym that stands for Phase And Radial Motion in Ion Linear Accelerators and the program has been the standard code for the design of RF ion linacs for many years. The enhanced, second generation, PARMILA 2 program utilized in the PBO Lab PARMILA-2 Module significantly extends the capabilities of the original PARMILA code. The Module is ideally suited for the design of complex ion accelerator components such as drift tube linacs (DTLs), coupled cavity linacs (CCLs), coupled-cavity drift tube linacs (CC-DTLs) and superconducting linacs (SCLs). The program offers two different multi-particle space charge algorthims which permits comparing different high beam current modeling approximations. The PARMILA-2 Module is also useful for the simulation of intense beams in transport channels and for studying beam loss, misalignments, cavity mispowering, and similar off-nominal operation conditions.

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