PBO Lab PSI-TURTLE Application Module

Don't struggle with another beamline simulation task without this valuable tool!

Introducing the PBO Lab 3.1 PSI-TURTLE Application Module! The PSI-TURTLE Module supports the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) version of the TURTLE program commonly known as Graphic-Turtle. The PSI-TURTLE Module provides unique capbilites that go beyond the PBO Lab TURTLE and DECAY-TURTLE Modules. The capbilites can be divided into two categories: (i) new beam physics models and (ii) custom data visualization tools. The new particle beam physics models include: (a) electrostatic deflector (prism), (b) electrostatic quadrupole, (c) electrostatic accelerator (and einzel lens), (d) Wien filter, (e) general ExB separator, (f) dE/dx energy loss element, and (g) multiple, nuclear and absorption scattering. The custom data visualization package incoporates the Graphic-Turtle graphics package complied in the executable program gratur32.exe. The package provides a useful extension for data visualization and can be run seamlessly from PBO Lab. Of course, the standard PBO Lab graphics tools are also available for use with data generated using the PSI-TURTLE Module.

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