Product Specification

Product Name: PBO Lab, Professional Version with TRANSPORT* and TURTLE** Modules

Product #: SSL-PB2-P114

Description: The Particle Beam Optics Laboratory (PBO Lab) is a graphic user interface environment developed for use in the design and analysis of particle optics systems and accelerator beam lines. The PBO Lab application software consists of three basic parts: (1) the graphic user interface (GUI), (2) a fully integrated interactive tutorial system, and (3) analysis tools for single particle trajectories and beam envelopes. The PBO Lab with TRANSPORT and TURTLE includes the PBO Lab application software together with the TRANSPORT and TURTLE computation engine modules. TRANSPORT is a matrix multiplication program developed for modeling charged particle optics. The program is particularly useful for the design and simulation of static-magnetic beam transport systems, although it can be applied to other problems in accelerator design as well. The version included with PBO Lab has the ability to model beam lines to first-, second- and third-order. TRANSPORT has a variety of fitting and problem constraint capabilities, and can be used to examine the effects of field errors, component misalignments and similar non-ideal beam line conditions. TURTLE (Trace Unlimited Rays Through Lumped Elements) is a multi-particle simulation program that can trace several thousand rays through beamlines designed with TRANSPORT. The PBO Lab application software and add-on modules are based on the Multi-Platform Shell for Particle Accelerator Related Codes (S.P.A.R.C. MP) software technology. The Professional Version includes the complete FORTRAN source code for TRANSPORT and TURTLE so that users can create their own custom versions of the PBO Lab with TRANSPORT and TURTLE.

Recommended System Requirements:

At somewhat diminished performance this product may also be used with the following minimum system requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:

*The TRANSPORT add-on module incorporates the TRANSPORT program maintained and distributed by Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.
**The TURTLE add-on module incorporates the TURTLE program maintained and distributed by the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.
23 June 1999