Product Specification

Product Name: AtomSmasher, The Multimedia Accelerator Game

Product #: WIN-ATS-S100

Description: AtomSmasher, The Multimedia Accelerator Game is an educational tool for learning about particle accelerators, elementary particles, and some of the fundamental physics included in these topics. AtomSmasher is designed to immerse the students in the role of scientists performing experiments at the eXotic International Particle Accelerator Laboratory (XIPAL). Students work with different facilities and accelerator complexes at XIPAL: they learn how particles interact with electric and magnetic fields, become familiar with basic accelerator physics, and use their abilities to design and conduct experiments as they discover and identify the fundamental particles and forces of nature. Players interact with AtomSmasher through a console in the control room of the XIPAL virtual laboratory. The game, distributed on CD-ROM, includes the AtomSmasher application, Internet Physics Bowl, the XIPAL film library, and the 3-D Accelerator Experiment Simulator.

Recommended System Requirements:

At somewhat diminished performance this product may also be used with the following minimum system requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:

13 April 2001