Product Specification

Product Name: Optimization Application Module for PBO Lab (Particle Beam Optics Laboratory) 2.0, Standard Version

Product #: WNT-PB09-S220b

Description: The Particle Beam Optics Laboratory (PBO Lab) is a graphic user interface environment developed for use in the design and analysis of particle optics systems and accelerator beam lines. The Optimization Module requires the PBO Lab 2.0 Basic Package with the TRANSPORT and/or the TRACE 3-D Modules, and provides a fully integrated Optimization computation engine module. The PBO Lab 2.0 Basic Package is summarized in a separate Product Specification. The Optimization Module features GUI components and other software elements from three optimization programs: LSSOL*, NPSOL*, and MINOS*. NPSOL and MINOS are both constrained nonlinear optimization programs, but the two packages use different approaches and can be applied to different types of optimization problems. LSSOL is a constrained linear least-squares and quadratic optimization program. The PBO Lab Basic Package and add-on Application Modules are based on the Multi-Platform Shell for Particle Accelerator Related Codes (S.P.A.R.C. MP) software technology.

Recommended System Requirements:

At somewhat diminished performance this product may also be used with the following minimum system requirements:

Minimum System Requirements:

*The Optimization Module incorporates the MINOS, NPSOL, and LSSOL programs under license agreement with Stanford University.
3 November 2000