Technical Support & Product Update Service

All registered users are entitled to receive our Technical Support & Product Update Service free for twelve full months following the purchase of any new product, product update or upgrade, or technical assistance package. Users may then contact AccelSoft or their distributor for information on how to renew this service on an annual basis. The renewal fee is based on a user's individual configuration of the software package.

Users should feel free to contact AccelSoft with any questions or concerns. Our staff of physicists and software engineers are usually able to respond to requests within two business days. When contacting AccelSoft, please provide us with your name, your email address, and your product serial number or license number.

Product Name

Contact Information

PBO Lab AccelSoft Inc.
Beamline Simulator Email:
LIDOS RFQ Designer Phone: (858) 677-0133
OASIS Module Builder Fax: (858) 847-0733

If you have a specific problem with any of the above products, please send us a complete description. If the problem can be repeated by following a step-by-step procedure, we would appreciate a description of the procedure. Also, please include the product name, version number, and platform.

If your problem is associated with a particular beamline model, send us a copy of the file as an attachment to your email.

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