PBO Lab TRANSPORT Application Module

Don't struggle with another beamline design task without this valuable tool!

TRANSPORT is a FORTRAN program that uses matrix methods for modeling particle beam optics systems. A large number of magnetic optical elements are included in TRANSPORT, and a general matrix element is available for defining other elements. TRANSPORT also supports a variety of fitting and optimization procedures.

The PBO Lab Application Module includes the third-order TRANSPORT program maintained by the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL) and the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC). TRANSPORT and its documentation are distributed with the written permission of both FNAL and SLAC.


The TRANSPORT Application Module seamlessly integrates the PBO Lab basic package with TRANSPORT. The graphic construction of PBO Lab beamlines automatically defines the necessary data required to run TRANSPORT. TRANSPORT is executed and all results are displayed with the PBO Lab graphic interface.

Element parameters (e.g. field strengths, magnet lengths, apertures, etc.) can be specified by numerical values, defined as parameters, or described by algebraic expressions. Beam envelopes, centroids, transfer matrix elements, lattice functions, and similar beamline properties may be computed and displayed as functions of the beamline location. Constraints can be imposed on these properties at arbitrary locations in the beamline for parameter fitting. Misalignments, field errors, and similar non-ideal beamline conditions can be analyzed. First-, second- and third-order effects are modeled.

Professional Version Available
The Professional version includes the complete FORTRAN source code for TRANSPORT so that users can create their own custom versions of PBO Lab with TRANSPORT.

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