PBO Lab TURTLE Application Module

Don't struggle with another beamline simulation task without this valuable tool!

TURTLE (Trace Unlimited Rays Through Lumped Elements) is a multiparticle simulation program that can trace several thousand rays through beamlines designed with PBO Lab. The TURTLE Application Module includes the TURTLE FORTRAN program maintained by the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (FNAL) and is distributed with written permission of FNAL.


The TURTLE Application Module provides a seamless integration of the TURTLE multiparticle simulation program into PBO Lab. The graphic construction of PBO Lab beamlines automatically defines the necessary data needed to run TURTLE. TURTLE is executed from the PBO Lab graphic interface and all user-requested graphs and plots are automatically displayed in attractive, presentation-quality formats.

Distributions containing up to 10,000 individual particles can be tracked through beamlines defined with PBO Lab. Beamline performance for several types of initial distributions (Gaussian, KV) can be simulated. Aberration distortions of phase space can be studied and particle loss on magnet apertures or diagnostic slits can be determined. Bar graphs, useful for studying beamline profiles, and scatter plots, useful for examining beam cross sections or phase space, may be specified for multiple locations in a beamline. High quality displays of graphs and plots have unlimited zoom capabilities and may be sent directly to a printer.

Professional Version Available
The Professional version includes the complete FORTRAN source code for TURTLE so that users can create their own custom versions of PBO Lab with TURTLE.

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