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AccelSoft products have been utilized in a number of courses covering charged particle optics and accelerator design. The courses range from one-day classes, introducing particle beam optics and basic principles, to extensive courses given at the U. S. Particle Accelerator School (USPAS), covering a range of topics in accelerator fundamentals and design. The links below access a selection of the class materials developed to help teach about using various AccelSoft products. A number of example files are provided that are described in the course materials. In addition, links to other more general USPAS course documents are included for completeness. Utilize these resources as you would other education and research materials, and please give appropriate citations that acknowledge their respective authors and origins.

The PBO Lab software has been utilized for a number of USPAS courses beginning in the late 1990's. A good introduction with some informative examples using the TRANSPORT and TRACE 3-D Modules was presented in the 2012 course "Accelerator Fundamentals" taught by Eric Prepys. The PBO Lab lecture was prepared by Ryoichi Miyamoto: The above referenced 2012 USPAS course was repeated in a 2014 USPAS, using the same computer laboratory materials. The above download links have been updated to the later course website, but may change in the future if the course is repeated again and the links change. If you have any difficulty accessing the USPAS links you can try USPAS 2012 Lab lecture backup (24.7 MB) and ZIP file of PBO Lab examples.

An extensive set of presentations on PBO Lab have been presented in USPAS LINAC design classes that included daily simulation laboratory sessions. The 2011 USPAS course "Proton Linear Accelerator Design with Simulation Laboratory" taught by John Staples, George Gillespie and Sang-Ho Kim provides an example. The PBO Lab related lectures included the following topics:

Several one-day classes have been presented on the use of the PBO Lab software. The example provided here was presented at Sandia National Laboratory in 2008. The class included lectures on the

Other courses involving several days of lectures and computer laboratory work, but not as lengthy as the USPAS classes, have also been given. The following was presented at KACST in 2014 and emphasizes basic optics with an examples using the PBO Lab TRACE 3-D Module and ElectoStatic Palette. The 6 half-day sessions covered:

AccelSoft provides customers with assistance in the initial setup of their beamline as a part of our Technical Support and Product Update Service (TS&PUS). The TS&PUS is included free for the first year following the purchase of a software license, and may be renewed annually for a nominal fee.


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